Keep Your Feet Warm?

Keep Your Feet Warm?

Sounds like quite the odd suggestion. Why is my Acupuncturist telling me to keep my feet warm to help with my endometriosis and gynecological problems?

If you don't already know this, Acupuncturists study hundreds of points located all over the body and those points are located on channels or pathways all over the body. The points are like exits on the highways that are channels. The channels are named after organs that they impact. 

There are 3 of these 12 main channels/ superhighways that usually need some TLC when it comes to gynecological concerns and endometriosis. The Liver, the Spleen, and the almighty Kidney. Guess where those channels begin?. . . You guessed it (I hope) - the feeties!

Why does it matter if your feet are cold? These channels all have influence on the uterus  - called Zi Gong Xue or the Palace of the Child. AND the uterus does not like cold. WHAT? Nope the uterus doesn't like to be cold. Too much excessive heat isn't great either, b…

Welcome 2020!

This was originally published in 2011 and updated in 2020. I have removed some of the original text as well as added some new information. Added information is in [brackets]

Welcome to the Natural Alternatives Center for Wellness  Blog! If you don't know me, I am [Dr] Stephanie Huth Lipnicki, [DACM], LAc - as you can see from the "about me" corner.  I decided to begin a blog to share information about health, wellness and other things I feel people might find helpful on their path to wellness. [This blog was started in 2011 and clearly not added to frequently enough].

[A great deal has changed since the intro was written. The following is a lengthy bio about who I am and what qualifies me as a specialist in my field.]

I started in Massage School 20 years ago [okay it's 2020 and that means it is actually 30 YEARS] and thought my life was going in one direction towards my becoming a Physical Therapist. 20 years later [again 30 YEARS] and after logging many hours of educat…

What’s it cost to break even, or better yet. . . make a a profit?

My practice is in a very small town, where sadly businesses open and close. A LOT of businesses open and close. I have seen at least 8 different businesses in the space I am going to reference since moving here 15 years ago. Yes 8. 3 of the businesses bakeries – which I would LOVE to see open and flourishing.
The space is great, There was a bakery there years ago I truly loved. Banter will usually ensue over topics like this. What made me decide to go ‘off topic’ for my own blog – and I will reference my own business in this as well – was the sadness in seeing so many places come and go, wanting to see a bakery in that space, and knowing bakers who I would love to see do just that.
I’ll start with my own personal business, just to cite examples. In 2014, my business cost me $55K to run it. Let me add that my ‘rent’ is a SMALL portion because I own the building my practice is located in, AND I don’t have a mortgage on it. So take away that and it ups the expenses significantly – probably…

Gearing up for Cold and Flu Season with Acupuncture and Herbs

Most people happen upon Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine because of pain. Western Medicine seems to accept now that Pain can be treated using Acupuncture.  It is how a large percentage of people make the decision to try Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine. But Acupuncture and Herbal medicine treats so much more than pain.

I very often hear feedback from patients whose pain I am treating that they are noticing all of these additional health benefits since starting treatment with me. In today's post I will be discussing Colds and the Flu.

Colds, both Summer Colds and Winter Colds, are one of those great side effects my patients report experiencing much less frequently. People who their immunity seems to falter slightly as the seasons change notice if they start to experience that slight scratchiness in their throat, or a little running of the nose, don't seem to be as seriously affected by the change of seasons once they are being treated on a regular basis.

The happens because the …

Acupuncture and Insurance

Acupuncture and Insurance by Stephanie Huth-lipnicki, LAc
I wanted to help de-mystify Acupuncture and Insurance, because hey, it can be confusing. There are many companies who do cover Acupuncture, and there are many who still do not.
We will always check to see if Acupuncture is a covered benefit through your policy. To do this we typically make a copy of your insurance card as well as your date of birth.
So, let me try and help to make things clear with how insurance and Acupuncture coverage works.
·IS ACUPUNCTURE A COVERED BENEFIT: The ideal answer we love to hear is yes it is a covered benefit. Sometimes, the answers we hear are things like, yes, but only for anesthesia – definitely not the favored answer. We have yet to meet the physician who allows us to come into their surgery to perform Acupuncture for the purpose of anesthesia. If the answer is no, don’t feel jilted. Only 1% of insurance companies nationwide currently cover Acupuncture at all.

Cookie Cutter Massages

In 1991 when I started my career as a Massage Therapist, one of the biggest battles I seemed to fight was certain stigmas that came with being a Massage Therapist. Most often I was faced, at the age of 17, with people who would ask if I was a Masseuse a term that had over time started to denote someone who did a little something extra out of the realm of Massage. Or people flat out asking did I give that little something extra at the end of the Massage. Or being put on the spot when I was out somewhere to give spot treatments to someone's neck or shoulders.

Over the years of practicing, honing my skills, continuing my education,  learning advanced Massage Therapy techniques, eventually studying skin care, and then much later of course moving on to study Traditional Chinese Medicine,  I set myself apart as practitioner by having the ability to focus on specific conditions that people came to me were battling. I became an expert at helping people manage and alleviate multiple back p…

Lose 30 lbs in 30 days.

I passed a sign when leaving my appointment with my Acupuncturist at a gym across the street. "Lose 30 lbs in 30 days." I thought those sort of signs were a thing of the past. We discussed them at length over 13 years ago when I was completing my Bachelor's degree at Rutgers in Dr Watford's class.

So why do those signs aggravate me so much? Because it sucks in the person desperate to lose 30 lbs, who maybe doesn't know what it requires to lose 30 lbs of fat. It makes me wonder whether those drawn in really know what is necessary to burn 1 lb of fat. I'll share so we can determine the realistic nature of burning 30 lbs.

1 lb of fat translates into 4086 calories. This is based on there being 2.2 kg per 1 pound. So 1 lb = .454 kg. This then is converted into grams, giving us 454 grams. To then translate the grams of fat into calories. 1 gm would be 9kcal of fat. So 454 grams translates into 4086 calories.

So 30 lbs in 30 days. . .122,580 calories of FAT need to …